Cleaning of ventilation ducts, air exchanger and dryer

Cleaning of
ventilation ducts

Ventilation, air exchanger and dryer vent cleaning are important to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Nettoyage Sani-Pure Inc. is specialized in the cleaning of residential and commercial ventilation ducts. With our high-quality equipment combined with certified technicians, we assure you a superior cleaning.

Our method of cleaning ventilation ducts by friction, suction and drive (fsd) is the most efficient and widely used in the cleaning industry. To begin, we shut down your system and the air stops flowing.

Then we will dislodge the dust and impurities inside the ducts. The technician uses rotating brushes, air nozzles and nozzles with integrated whisks. The choice to use the nozzle or the brush is according to your ducts. Our experts will use the right tools so that they rotate well in the elbows of the system and produce good friction. These tools blow a strong air jet, dislodge and bump the dust towards the sensor installed near your furnace or on the main air return. his high-speed negative air sensor is installed to suck up anything that will be dislodged from your ducts. It sucks between 2500 to 5000 cubic feet per minute (CFM). To give you an idea, your home appliance sucks between 100 to 150 CFM.

We recommend disinfecting your ducts after cleaning. Our technicians use a botanical disinfectant approved by Health Canada of BENEFECT brand. his product is made of 100% natural tym. It is used in hospitals, schools and restaurants. It is sprayed into your ducts to eliminate all bacteria and mold spores. All our work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, we will return to your home free of charge. Several studies, including one from Health Canada, state that house dust is heavily contaminated. Since we spend much of our lives indoors, whether in the office or at home, air quality should be a major concern for our health and well-being. Nettoyage Sani-Pure Inc. suggests that their clients have their vents cleaned once every 4-5 years. It is also important to clean up if you have been damaged by water or fire, when moving to a new house and when renovating.

Cleaning of
dryer ducts

The cleaning of the dryer duct is often neglected. However, it is proved that regular maintenance reduces drying time and therefore the electricity bill. In addition, an accumulation of lint can cause your appliance to break down and increase the risk of fire. Our technique, which is most often used in industry, is the pulse technique with a powerful air compressor that ejects all the lint and dust from the inside of the duct without forgetting the flexible duct that communicates with the dryer.

Our recommendation on cleaning your dryer duct differs from property to property. The use of the dryer, the length of your ducts and the number of elbows will allow us to tell you when you need to clean it.
However, there are several warning signs: your clothes take considerably longer than usual to dry. Your laundry stays wet. The dryer vent outlet appears to be clogged on the outside or your unit is overheating.

Nettoyage Sani-Pure Inc. regularly maintains about twenty condo projects on the island of Montreal. Our prices are very competitive. Do not hesitate to ask us for a free estimate.

Cleaning of
Air exchanger

Air exchangers are becoming more important and even mandatory in some types of construction. They remove the stale and damp air outside and replace it with fresh air that is filtered. Well maintained, this device allows you to breathe better. Fresh air is distributed through ducts where many kinds of impurities accumulate that could harm your health. To clean the air exchanger ducts, the team at Nettoyage Sani-Pure Inc. uses the most recognized method of pulsation/ friction/suction A rod is inserted into your ducts to blow dirt at the end of the duct. In addition to blowing air, this rod acts as a whip to dislodge impurities that resist the pulsating air.

Finally, an air sensor is installed to recover all dust and impurities. We recommend spraying with an antibacterial to ensure that no mold or bacteria is resistant to cleaning.

Nettoyage Sani-Pure Inc. recommends cleaning your air exchangers every 2-3 years. However, annual cleaning is strongly recommended if you smoke in your home, have pets or suffer from asthma or dust allergies. Whether it’s for your house or a condominium, we have the best prices on the market. Do not hesitate to ask us for a free submission. Already more than twenty condo projects recommend our services on the island of montreal!

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