Upholstered furniture cleaning

Nettoyage de tapis et conduits ventilation

Fabric furniture cleaning

The cleaning of fabric furniture with steam or dry made by our professionals eliminates all the dirt such as:
– Juice and wine
– Fat and food stains
– Animal damage
– Black or gray stains left by clothes

Mites that are often invisible can not withstand cleaning. In addition to reviving your furniture, the cleaning will remove unpleasant odors giving way to a sweet scent of freshness. Our meticulous technicians will even take care of your cushions.

We recommend the application of a teflon-based stain remover that seals the inside of the fibers, preventing liquids from getting into them. This product is sprayed onto the fabric and penetrates the fibers without changing the appearance.

Leather furniture cleaning

Our products used to clean a leather furniture act as a conditioner and help your furniture to keep its natural oil and flexibility. So, cleaning and applying our moisturizer will prevent the appearance of small crackles. Our cleaner removes all the dirt embedded in the pores and fine seams.

Most of leather furniture already has a relatively good resistance to liquids and stains. However, the anti-stain proposed by our team will protect your leather against UV rays and thus preserve the color of your furniture. In addition, this protection gives the leather a dirt repelling property, so your protected furniture becomes easier to clean with a simple damp cloth and without any
chemicals products.

Nettoyage de tapis et conduits ventilation
Nettoyage de tapis et conduits ventilation

Mattress cleaning

We advise regular cleaning of your mattresses to prevent the appearance of mite, asthma attack and allergy symptoms. SANI PURE company uses a deep cleaning technique with steam. Our steam extraction cleaning kills dust mites, micro-organism and eliminates all types of stains. In addition to eliminating the smell of cigarettes and urine from animals, it will leave a pleasant odor. If mites do not bite and do not cause skin reactions, they can cause allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis or chronic sinusitis.
In the country, 20% to 25% of the population suffers from allergies, and among these people, 30% to 40% react to mites, says Dr. Rémi Gagnon, based at CHUL and president of the Association of Allergists and immunologists from Quebec. Children are affected as much as adults.